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Photograph Frame (Wholesale)

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An elegant cardboard photograph frame, which may also be used by staff as a suitable canvas for the paw print of a pet.  Designed to be gifted to bereaved clients.

A high quality, professionally designed and functional item, featuring a comforting poem, 7cm x 10cm landscape photograph viewing window, and fold out stand. The outside frame measures 12cm x 15cm, and features the phrase "in loving memory" within an elegant wreath.

This convenient, cost effective and comforting token gift is an ideal complimentary offering during the follow up care of clients, and is a highly affordable alternative to existing product lines.

Created by Orchid Valley to help veterinary hospitals enhance their professional image by continuing to demonstrate and provide compassionate care to their most unfortunate clients when all else has failed, this product is equally suitable for pet cremation services to offer as an economical, yet stylish token gift.

An ideal accompaniment for other products from the Orchid Valley collection, such as the pet keepsake box, temporary grave marker, and everlasting memorial seed card.