Biodegradable Pet Casket Set - 3 Sizes Available

Biodegradable Pet Casket Set - 3 Sizes Available

Please note that due to the cost of postage, our large sized casket set is not listed here.  For your convenience however, all sizes are available in WA at a Better Pets and Gardens store near you

For expedited delivery if you are on the East Coast, please visit our stockist Talking Stones who have all three casket sizes available with express shipping. 

Stylish and elegant, the Orchid Valley eco friendly pet casket is suitable for natural burial or cremation, and comes with a complimentary temporary grave marker and photograph frame.

The 100% biodegradable, flat packed cardboard casket is easily assembled within moments using the instructions provided, and is a highly affordable alternative to existing product lines, and the undignified shrouding of a pet in improvised materials.

Small - 30cm in length. Suitable for small rodents, fish, reptiles, birds etc.
Medium - 45cm in length. Suitable for large rodents, small cats etc.
Large - 60cm in length. Suitable for lambs, cats, dogs etc. up to 20kg.

Provide a treasured pet with the respectful and dignified passing they deserve with this convenient, cost effective and comforting set.  The multi international award winning casket is a professionally designed and functional product with a reassuringly secure lid. The surface elevation features a comforting poem and designated area on which to write a pet's name.

The temporary grave marker is constructed from premium laminated cardboard, and measures 21cm high (15cm above ground), is proven suitable for up to several weeks of use in poor weather, and capable of lasting considerably longer in dry conditions. Featuring a comforting poem and an area on which to write a pet's name, it is designed for immediate use in the interim absence of a more permanent memorial.

The photograph frame is made from premium laminated cardboard, featuring a 7cm x 10cm landscape photograph viewing window, and fold out stand. The outside frame measures 12cm x 15cm, and features a comforting poem and the phrase "in loving memory" within an elegant wreath.

To further compliment a pet's grave, Orchid Valley have created a beautiful range of memorial stones, whilst an everlasting memorial seed card contains seeds to grow into a dedicated memorial garden in honour of a pet, and is a highly affordable additional purchase.