About Us

A Message From Orchid Valley....

"We understand the importance of providing all beloved creatures with a dignified passing, and honouring their memory.  We hope that our enchanting signature collection stylish white 'forever bed' cadaver bags, together with our comforting bereavement gifts and commemorative items, will bring dignity to animals, comfort the bereaved, and further enhance the caring service which veterinarians and pet businesses seek to provide, by offering a convenient and affordable alternative to the undignified shrouding of animals in improvised materials for their final journey to natural burial or cremation, whilst also helping practices enhance their professional image by continuing to demonstrate and provide compassionate care to their most unfortunate patients and clients when all else has failed.

Equally, we hope that our signature range of lovingly created Orchid Valley products will bring comfort to those of you who as families or individuals, are preparing for, or coping with, the loss of a beloved pet, as you prepare to lay your friend to rest and say goodbye for the very last time....with love from Orchid Valley.

Whilst we enjoy taking care of our valued individual pet owners and their families personally, we are very grateful and incredibly fortunate to have been given the opportunity to use the sales platform offered by our official national distributor ZebraVet to reach every veterinarian throughout Australia in a wholesale capacity.  We are humbled that our innovative Orchid Valley creations are fast becoming utilised by veterinarians as standard practice, just as we had envisaged, and we look forward to enhancing the professional services of even more animal related businesses by further expanding our product lines and making our eco friendly signature collection of end of life products available en masse to wholesale customers and individuals not just across Australia, thanks to ZebraVet and their sales team, but further afield, as we graduate to a global wholesale platform with international distributors later in 2017.

We are very thankful to the many loyal supporters and individual customers who have joined us on the ride, across Australia and beyond.  With purpose beyond profit our motivation, our empire is built for the benefit of others upon foundations laid by us, two dedicated country women with a vision....far away in the enchanting countryside of Orchid Valley." 

Zoe Ednie-Brown and Jahna Trethowan

Welcome To Orchid Valley....

Situated in the beautiful countryside of Australia's picturesque South West region, lies a very special area featuring an abundance of trees, natural bushland, fresh waterways and gently undulating fields - a peaceful and most enchanting place known as Orchid Valley, where the rustic countryside is a natural and harmonious safe haven for native flora and fauna, and the beautiful setting for the home of our family operated company.


A Casket For Taze....

Our idea of launching widely available eco friendly and affordable yet stylish pet caskets, cadaver bags and bereavement gifts was born late one night in 2014, when Zoe was driving home to Orchid Valley from a veterinary hospital in Perth with her beloved guinea pigs Tex and Taze, following Tex's admission into intensive care after receiving medical treatment for lymphoma.

It came to her attention that had Tex passed away in the veterinary hospital, he would most likely have been shrouded in improvised materials, or a crude black body bag before being presented to her in the most undignified manner by veterinary surgeons with no available alternative to offer her.  This, after providing Tex with a lifetime of dedicated loving care and associated veterinary expenses simply would not have been adequate treatment at the end of his life.  It also occurred to her that we've all experienced the loss of a pet at home, only to find that we have no functional product immediately available in which to bury them.

With Tex suffering terminal illness, Zoe decided to create a way for pets to be treated with the same dignified care after their death as they would have received in life, and worked towards making caskets not only for her lads, but for treasured pets everywhere, by way of ensuring that cost effective and comforting products were available not only via website mail ordering systems, but actually within veterinary hospitals, pet cremation businesses, pet shops and council services nationwide. These products would be eco friendly, affordable, appreciated, convenient and available to everyone, everywhere, the same day they needed them. With Tex already nearing life's end, her aim was to have the final product ready for her little man Taze when the time came to farewell him. He would become the first fallen pet to be laid to rest in an Orchid Valley casket.

And so it began, firstly with Jahna joining the business and forming our company together.  After consulting various acquaintances within the veterinary and pet cremation industries, we set about designing, trialling and further developing eco friendly 'forever beds for pets' that could provide all beloved creatures with a dignified passing, whilst also creating further products to honour their memory and comfort the bereaved.  Addressing the need for attractive, functional and highly affordable products, whilst also providing a necessary practical storage solution by way of providing caskets supplied flat packed to wholesale purchasers, has led us from successful product trials to global travel, as we have pursued with great endeavour our goal of achieving high quality products which offer absolute integrity, whilst also developing subsequent product lines to further enhance our collection.

In 2015, Tex became the first pet to be buried in one of our initial casket prototypes, the rest being distributed amongst three veterinary hospitals thereafter to use in our product trials in Western Australia and New South Wales. These proved to be very well received by industry professionals and pet owners alike, and after a making a few minor alterations to the design, our final casket was created by Christmas, just in time for an ailing Taze, who was nearing the end of his days.


On January 3rd 2016, Taze was laid to rest beside his brother in the first Orchid Valley pet casket, at home beneath a tree in Orchid Valley.

The journey for us had begun, and all because of two little guinea pigs and the legacy created in their honour.

In September 2016, we travelled to Shanghai, China to accept the bronze award for the pet category at the World Packaging and Design Awards. 

We had created, designed and manufactured the third best designed pet product in the world.

Our Mission....

Our mission is based upon our own understanding of the importance of providing all beloved creatures with a dignified passing, and honouring their memory.  Together we are motivated by purpose beyond profit to bring dignity to animals, and comfort the bereaved, across Australia and the world.  We hope to achieve this by way of offering an affordable and readily available range of eco friendly products in which to lay a deceased animal to rest, whilst also appreciating the need for our products to withstand and assist the subsequent dignified carriage of such animals, in addition to being suitable for natural burial or cremation.  We shall endeavour to bring comfort to the families of pets everywhere, by providing our collection of Orchid Valley products within the cost of veterinary euthanasia by way of our official Australian distributor ZebraVet, and various international distributors and council services across the world, whilst also offering our full product range to individuals via pet cremation service providers, pet shops, our website, and Facebook page.