wholesale pet memorial seed card

Everlasting Memorial Seed Card (Wholesale)

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A suggested minimum order quantity is 50 cards, whilst Orchid Valley offer a discount for orders in excess of 100 seed cards. 

Beautifully packaged Australian Everlasting seeds, designed for gifting to bereaved clients to grow into a flower garden as a dedicated memorial to their pet. 

A high quality, professionally designed gift card, featuring a comforting poem and thoughtful words.

This convenient, cost effective and comforting token gift is an ideal complimentary offering during the follow up care of clients, and easily fits within a standard postal envelope.

The elegant packet measures 12cm x 7cm, and contains 1g of rhodanthe chlorocephala ssp. rosea (Australian pink and white Everlasting seed), which is enough to cover up to a square metre of garden bed or container space with everlasting flowers in honour of a pet.

Everlastings are an easy to grow, self seeding flower.  They are a frost tolerant, water wise flower, and therefore drought resistant. Seeds may be sown in autumn, winter or spring, and even in summer if irrigated.  A detailed planting guide is printed on the interior of the seed packet.

Everlasting seeds have a shelf life of 25 years, whilst their cut flowers can be displayed for months.  

Created by Orchid Valley to help veterinary hospitals enhance their professional image by continuing to demonstrate and provide compassionate care to their most unfortunate clients when all else has failed, this product is equally suitable for pet cremation services to offer as an economical, yet stylish token gift.