cardboard pet casket

Biodegradable Pet Casket - 3 Sizes Available (Wholesale)

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A multi international award winning eco friendly pet casket, designed to be incorporated as a consumable item within veterinary euthanasia, and suitable for the subsequent natural burial or cremation of a pet.

Created by Orchid Valley to help veterinary hospitals enhance their professional image by continuing to demonstrate and provide compassionate care to their most unfortunate patients when all else has failed, this product is equally suitable for pet cremation services to utilise for economical yet respectful pet collection, transportation, viewings and cremation.

A convenient, cost effective and comforting alternative to existing product lines and the undignified shrouding of animals in improvised materials, this 100% biodegradable, flat packed cardboard pet casket is easily stored within limited space and assembled in seconds using the instructions provided.

This high quality, professionally designed and functional product, has a reassuringly secure lid and water resistant interior, whilst the surface elevation features a comforting poem and designated area on which to write a pet's name.

30cm length - suitable for small rodents, fish, reptiles, birds etc. (10 caskets per carton)

45cm length - suitable for large rodents, small cats etc. (5 caskets per carton)

60cm length - suitable for lambs, cats, dogs etc. up to 20kg (5 caskets per carton)

Provide treasured pets with the respectful and dignified passing they deserve.